The way you run the business
has improved

Marketline POS helps you to run your business with an
Eagle eye thereby maximizing profits

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In the shop

Manage your shop with ease, speed yielding significant productivity with Marketline in the office.

At home

With Marketline POS you can still manage your shop in the comfort of your home.

Other places

Yes! even if you are not at the office or home you can still be the manager of your shop.

Be the manager of your shop from anywhere

Remote connection from any

Time away from the shop becomes a lot less stressful with one simple login which gives you full access to monitor & manage your entire POS system.

Track inventory real-time

If it can be measured you can manage it. Monitor your inventory real-time and be proactive in taking informed decisions with Marketline POS.

Detailed financial reports

We provide you with standard and comprehensive report. Marketline excels at providing a snapshot into the numbers that matters to your business.

Monetize customer relations

Make more money per customer by leveraging options such as loyalty point programs and seamless email collection and marketing

Experience a major business boost with Marketline POS.
Getting started is as easy as 3 steps

Create an account

Create an account with little or no support through the Get started link or provide info for it to be create for you.

Set up business

Add your inventory, create empolyee accounts, choose your configuration and the like and you are ready to go.

Start Managing the business

You are now ready to monitor and manage the various aspect of your business.

Windows and IOS

Marketline POS is compatible with both windows and apple platforms

Get outstanding support

We have the kind of support team that is available and reliable
to give the support you ever need